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China to advance poverty alleviation in healthcare

Updated: Jan 15, 2019 Xinhua Print

"Xiamen will promote deeper integration with Taiwan by furthering cooperation in economic affairs and trade," said the mayor Zhuang Jiahan on Jan 9.

Zhuang made the remark at the third session of the 14th Xiamen Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

He added that Xiamen will continue taking advantage of its close geographical location to Taiwan to advance both sides' smoother economic and trade cooperation, as well as energy, resources, and industrial standard sharing.

More Taiwan-invested banks, security and insurance companies and other financial institutions are welcomed to build headquarters in Xiamen.

In a bid to implement the investment proposals reached at the 2018 Cross-Straits Entrepreneurs Summit held in Xiamen on Dec 4, the mainland city will introduce a group of Taiwan projects and construct a distribution and transition hub for cross-Straits cargo this year.

Xiamen will ramp up its efforts for the "Year of Serving Taiwan Businessmen and Taiwan People", according to the mayor.

In 2019, the city will try out sharing public resources with Jinmen and some other cities in Taiwan, including education, culture, medical services and social insurance and then promote it to the entire island.

Zhuang also said that Xiamen will continue launching State-level cross-Straits youth entrepreneur bases to attract 5,000 Taiwan people each year to intern, obtain employment or start a business in the city.

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